Our Chinese courses for children offer the perfect chance for your child to get a step ahead in their language learning. Whether they are just starting out or have learnt some Chinese before, our tailored courses will help your child enhance their level in a quick and (more importantly) fun way.


Offered in ShanghaiBeijingHangzhouChengduChongqing and Zhengzhou, these courses are open to children of all ages and abilities.


Our Chinese Courses for Children

children chinese courses in shanghai and beijingOur highly qualified teachers have several years’ experience teaching Chinese to learners of various ages and nationalities. Because children require much more stimulation and frequent variation than adult learners, they expertly adapt their class content, teaching method and activities to suit the attention span, interest and age of the students.


Using an interactive method and educational games, we can help your child to enhance their speaking, reading and listening ability in a quick and enjoyable way.


If you have specific aims in mind for your child, be that preparing to learn Chinese at school, to pass an exam or simply to get by in day to day life, we can design a tailored course plan to ensure they meet your goals.



Course Materials


We use different teaching materials depending on the level and background of the student.


For complete beginners, we use the yòu'ér hànyǔ (幼儿汉语) textbook series. These visual books are aimed at students who do not come from a Chinese-speaking background. Through breaking down sentence patterns and topics, they help students practice and retain vocabulary and grammar structures in an engaging way.


Children who have a background in Chinese will learn using the zhōngwén (中文) series. Separated into 12 volumes, these books are great for taking learners through more advanced topics and developing their language skills further in the four key areas; reading, writing, speaking and listening.


In addition to these materials, we also use story books and our own flashcard sets to help bring the class to life and ensure our classes are enjoyable for your child.


Additional Services

children chinese lessons in china


In addition to our Chinese courses, we also run a range of cultural activities that you and your child are welcome to join. From tai chi and cooking classes to excursions, we offer plenty of opportunities for you to introduce Chinese culture to your little one and enable them to practice their skills.


Time and Location

Our children’s Chinese courses currently run in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and Zhengzhou. You can choose to take lessons at our school, or we can send a teacher to your home.


There are currently no regular group classes for children running in these locations, however if you have a group of friends who would like their children to learn together, please get in touch to tell us your needs or arrange a free trial class.



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